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Oil and Gas Taxonomies
We have the most complete E&P and midstream taxonomy available for the oil and gas industry. The taxonomy may be licensed as separate modules or in its entirety. Our taxonomies consist of many thousand preferred terms, synonyms, alternate spellings, and related terms.

Other Taxonomies
Analytical Chemistry
Safety, Health, and Environment
Many, many more...


Taxonomy ADS has designed and built many custom taxonomies and ontologies for our clients in diverse industries and in the public sector. We also have pre-built taxonomies available for oil and gas, insurance, analytical chemistry, process chemical industry, and other areas.
We design custom taxonomies for our clients using advanced techniques to produce the highest quality results. Over the years, we have developed and refined methodologies that use state of the art text analytics to assist taxonomy design, shorten development and start-up time, and lower the cost of taxonomy construction and maintenance.