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Optimizing the "findability" of unstructured content and information requires the use of tools and techniques that most companies are not familiar with, nor is it particularly easy to do. The majority of most companies' valuable intellectual assets are held in many thousands if not millions of unstructured content "objects."
ADS has developed a time proven methodology that enables us to define core content problem areas, select the best techniques and tools, and create the right implementation path to achieving well-organized, easily findable information that has commonly been hidden in multiple applications and repositories.
Strategic and tactical consulting for unstructured assets is the heart and soul of Advanced Document Sciences' services. We provide unparalleled expertise and guidance for the types of challenges that are associated with extremely large volumes of unstructured assets. Our solutions are innovative and effective.
Please contact us to learn about the many ways in which ADS can help you to unlock the value of the unstructured information assets in your company.

Enterprise Search
Enterprise SearchGet high precision information that you need instead of thousands of irrelevant responses from your enterprise search platform. Proper design and implementation is the key to getting the most from your enterprise search.
Taxonomies and Ontologies
Advanced Document Sciences has been designing and building custom taxonomies and ontologies for many different industries for over 16 years. We have developed a proven proprietary methodology that combines subject matter expert input with advanced content analysis techniques to create comprehensive, highly effective taxonomies and ontologies tailored to the specific application needs of our clients.

The ability to automatically categorize textual content is extremely powerful and highly scalable. But auto-categorization is not well understood and needs to be done right if it is to work well. Advanced Document Sciences has been a trail-blazer in auto-categorization for enterprise applications since 1997.

Text Mining and Analytics
Advanced Document Sciences has been an innovator in text analysis technologies since 1992, with its proprietary methodology and techniques to identify and extract information and knowledge from textual content. Applying our text analysis techniques to your organization's goals, we greatly reduce time and costs to access concise, relevant information, automate processes, and increase effectiveness across the organization.


Taxonomy JumpStart™ Workshop Learn: Characteristics of unstructured and semi-structured information
How to organize information via taxonomy
Success factors for taxonomy solutions
How to create a taxonomy governance process
Take Away:A starter taxonomy
A taxonomy maintenance and governance starter
Access to leading unstructured information experts
Actionable plan for taxonomy implementation and governance
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